This post is all about gender reveals!!! One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is finding out what you're having so you can begin preparing and dreaming of all he or she might be. But it’s not just exciting for you, so don’t keep all the fun to yourself, why not throw a party!?!?!

Before we dive in, let me offer just a few tips on how to have an EPIC gender reveal that will leave all of your guests shaking with excitement.


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1. Make it as “interactive” as you can 

People want to be involved and have more fun if they feel they are a part of something. Our souls were created to want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves so allow guests to get in on the action by having a way to let them guess the gender and be on team girl or team boy. 

2. Make it something that everyone can easily see I know cake is always a fun idea and so are a lot of other things, but one reason these 4 things specifically made the list are because they are easily seen. There is nothing worse than missing the main event, don’t let that happen to your guests.

3. Make sure you use something that a friend can peek inside to double check the color.

We’ve all seen those gender reveal fails haven't we? Where the cake is actually green inside? If you’re doing a pinata or a balloon filled with confetti, have a friend go get it filled so they can watch it be filled. Or if you use a smoke bomb, get the ones with a window, so a friend can peak through to give you the correct color.


1. Smoke Bombs

This is one of my personal favorites and what my husband and I chose to do for the following reasons. 

  1. Excitement Scale *****

  2. Uniqueness Scale ***

  3. Amazing Photos ***** +

Though Pinterest is filled with amazing smoke bomb photos, not a lot of people have actually experienced them personally. When the spark fuse ignites, suspense ignites, and when colorless smoke begins to form, more suspense builds, and then when that color goes off, it is a symphony of awe for you and your guests.

It is the perfect option for building excitement... and did I mention THE PHOTOS! Every great event needs to be remembered and smoke bombs go on for a while, so you will have ample time to capture some amazing photos. 

* A few more perks to mention, they are not loud, they are completely safe to touch or drop if you get too excited, and they don’t involve any clean up. 

Smoke bombs I have used and loved!


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2. Piñata

If there is something I’ve learned in all my years of event planning, it is that a party is always more exciting with a theme! And there are few better/more versatile than a good old fashioned fiesta! So ramp up your gender reveal with some amazing margaritas, festive mustaches and lips for guessing the gender and don’t forget that pinata! 

What you should fill the pinata with for maximum excitement:

  • Powder - to give it the lasting, in the air, effect that allows people more time to react.

  • Confetti

  • Candy if kids are present

I want to touch one more time on filling the pinata with powder. I know it seems odd, but you want something that will be in the air for a while that will  give your guests a big show. Sometimes confetti can be surprisingly limp, so fill that puppy up! ​

3. Dress Up The Pup

Stupid segway, but speaking of puppys! Fourth on the list of “Gender Reveals That Will Never Not Be Exciting For Your Guests” is dressing up your pup! One of my favorite ways to dress them up is to put a shirt or handkerchief on that says something like, “I’m getting a little brother!” and then tie blue or pink  balloons to them!

The important part is having a friend dress the dog and hold them inside until it is time to release! The best part of this gender reveal is that dogs are already the greatest cheerleaders, so they will cause everyone else to burst out in laughter and excitement as they proudly come storming through the crowd proudly wearing their new baby brother or sister’s color!


Bandanas to buy​

4. Dueling Babies


Something new and very unique is the Dueling or Racing Baby gender reveal. For this gender reveal you can either hire, or have two friends dress up as a baby boy or a girl and duel it out or have a race. The gender that wins is the gender of the baby! 


This is sure to be an event to remember for guests and gets guests involved with cheering and rooting for the gender they think will win. See for yourself with this amazing Dueling Baby gender reveal! 


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