7 Easy Tricks To Be The Favorite Holiday Host

If you're anything like me, you have high expectation for the Holidays.


Constantly pinning possibilities on Pinterest and wondering how much all of these picture perfect ideas would cost you, not to mention whether or not you can pull them off...


Well here are my top 7 easy tricks to be the favorite Holiday Host!


1. Get that house feeling festive!


One of the first things I think about when hosting is to decorate. Go as far out as you want and have some fun, because this sets the scene for everyone who enters your house. Decorating is also one of my favorite ways to spark some excitement in people, so thrown up those twinkle lights, get out those crazy holiday mugs, and get excited!


Decorating ideas







2. Make it smell good


Have you heard of how Disney makes certain areas of the park smell certain ways to heighten your experience? As the Imagineers put it, "smell is hardwired to our brain, specifically the area that handles emotions."


So stand apart from the rest of the Holiday Hosts and Invest in some crowd pleasing holiday candles. Not only will this give you and your guests those crave-able nostalgic feelings but they will also offer some great mood lighting.


EXTRA TIP: Be sure to light a candle in the bathroom, it makes people more comfortable and often a clean, pleasant smelling bathroom, will stick with them. 



3. Have a batch of specialty drinks whipped up at all times


Whether they are cocktails or just your good old fashioned family fun drinks, make a special drink to mark this Holiday. Come time when your guests are back home and missing the "festiveness" of the seasons, they will think back to that amazing homemade Mexican hot chocolate you made. Or that addictive Christmas "punch" you guys drank all weekend, or even just the fact that you always had fresh hot coffee available with good creamer. 

Coming Soon:


10 Most Exciting Cocktails You Can Impress With This Year

4. Have music going at ALL TIMES


Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will kill the vibe like awkward silence. Music is like your second cocktail of the night; it is meant to make things a little more exciting and allows people to relax.


If you have a house speaker system, use it, or if you can play it on your TV while having a nice holiday photo displayed, do that. Try to get it to reach throughout the house without it being too loud. Your guests should still be able to have a conversation. 

During the day when you are just relaxing at home, have light music playing so people can still feel the Holiday spirit while still being able to have a nice relaxing conversation or read. 

5. Plan for the festive activities - no matter how small they are


Doesn't it always get you in the Holiday mood when you see that photo someone posts of them in the candle light with hot cocoa, watching a classic Christmas movie? Me too, but I never seem to actually end up doing that myself... even though I want that fuzzy feeling of Holiday nostalgia.


This also goes for Christmas light touring, Chritmas tree decorating, sugar cookie decorating; all of the small things that have been on your Holiday bucket list since college, but you just never seem to do! 


Plan for the small things. Let everyone know that Friday night will be a chill night with a Christmas classic, order in pizza, home made hot cocoa, and then turn on those twinkle lights my friend! Your guests will be happy to be able to look forward to something and it may even put some guests at ease to have a plan.




6. Have snacks available at all times


Don't let your guests fall into that awkward situation of being hungry but not wanting to bother you for a snack. A good trick my mom always used was to have bowls, literally EVERYWHERE! She had nuts, she had candies, she had Chex Mix, you name it, she had a bowl of it.


Obviously go for foods that can stay out for days, if you don't feel like refreshing all the time, but this little tip will make your guests much more comfortable.




7. Have a guest bedroom hospitality basket


Whether you were planning for people to stay with you or someone just went too hard with the Holiday punch, having a guest bedroom ready to go with a hospitality basket will put you over the top, in the lead for BEST HOLIDAY HOST EVER! On top of that, it will make your guests feel like you were excited for their stay, rather than any kind of burden. 


Things to include in the basket:
  1. Phone Charger

  2. Snacks

  3. Mouth Wash

  4. Extra Toothbrush and Toothpaste

  5. Face Wipes

  6. Water

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