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I am a retired wedding and event planner of five years and I believe that hosting guests, friends, and family is one of the best ways we can show love. So I have created a blog to give you all of the tips and rules I've learned along the way to better help you enjoy the things that are supposed to be fun in life and how to love others well by doing so.


On this blog you will find the exact recipe you need for that chocolate chip cookie that embraces nostalgia but also looks like it was made in a French bakery. You'll find out why you just can't seem to be ready come party time and in return, find yourself unable to fully relax and enjoy your own party. Most importantly, you will learn to love going above and beyond to show others you care by hosting them well. 

So if you are ready to show your friends and family how much you care and spark some joy and excitement in your own life along the way, rummage through my blogs to learn how to make good parties great, enjoy being the host, and be the house everyone wants to hang at.

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