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The Upsidedown 
I saw this photo and was inspired.
Though it has nothing to do with Stranger Things,  when I began to brainstorm an upside-down party, I couldn't help but think of the oh so popular show. So this is now an idea of a grand party in the upsidedown. 
1st. things 1st, we need an AMAZING entrance! As I believe for every party, the excitement should begin as soon as you step out of the Uber, well really as soon as you receive the invitation, but we'll get into that in a bit. The front of the venue will be dressed in good old fashioned 80's ensemble, with young kids bikes on the grass, and nice wicker chairs, but Hopper's sheriff's vehicle will be parked by the entrance with his lights going off.  
You will be greeted by one of our Cali Cole team members and welcomed into The Upsidedown.
As you come out of the dim black-lit tunnel, into the party area you will see that almost all of the walls are covered in glowing bio hazard ivy. In the corner is Castle Beyers where you can take photos and listen in on conversations between the Hawkin's kids. 
On the menu is gourmet Eggos along with other fun carnival food! Because you guessed it, there will be a carnival. You just need to follow the scent of fried Twinkies and funnel cakes! When you arrive to the carnival, you will be greeted with the main attraction, The Funhouse!
In this funhouse will be a variety of secret entrances, one of them being the "Max & Elle's Sleepover" truth or dare lie detector test room (because friends don't lie!)  This room will be dressed like a sleepover so you and all your friends can cuddle up and play Truth or Dare with a lie detector test!  Each person goes once, so chose your turn wisely. 
The second room will be the Byer's Escape room! You and your friends will have 15 minutes to make your way out before the Demagorgans come in and kick you out! The room will be none other than the Byer's living room, adorned with Christmas lights, the alphabet, and Demagorgan drawings by Will. 
A few other mentionable details are the Demi - Drinks wall, complete with faces and drinks coming out at you, and the invitations! As I mentioned in the beginning, the excitement of parties should really begin when your guests receive their invitations. If you or your company are interested in this mysteriously unique party, message me here and I will tell you the perfect invitation to send to begin the party of your guest's dream. Message Cali Cole.
                        The following photos are being shown to give a visual aid to these ideas, these are not my photos. 

Enjoy these free party ideas and

let me know if you need someone to execute this large party idea for your company.

How I would plan the PERFECT wedding for you...
   If we're being honest, at this point I almost don't even want to call this a wedding service; it's more like an all-inclusive Honeymoon Suite... So let's just call it that. 
   Statistics show that today, women spend hours upon hours making wedding plans, changing wedding plans, and stressing over all of the small details that they never knew existed. So much so that this wedding that once was causing them to pull out their freshly "wedding trialed" hairstyle, causes them to become depressed once the event is over! 
  Keep in mind, this isn't because they had such a fantastic time at their wedding and they're sad they can't relive it. It's because the thing their lives revolved around for the past year and a half has now vanished and they can hardly remember if they even liked the way it turned out because they were so busy with pictures and looking to make sure all of their details were in place.  
  So if this was you, rest assured, you are not alone and it is totally normal! You still love your new husband and you did NOT make a mistake of marrying him just because you are a little bummed to be going on your honeymoon and that your wedding is over... you'll feel better when you get back home to open all of your presents ;) 
  I do want to offer help to you engaged brides out there though so this doesn't have to be your fate and so you can have the perfect wedding for you! And here's how I do it, here is how I would plan your Honeymoon Suite Wedding!
Becoming An Expert On You
I love meeting my brides & grooms in person, if not in person, at least via facetime so I can use my impressive freshmen college psychology credits to get a glimpse of you and your fiance as individuals. I will ask you questions about your styles, personalities, inside jokes, and of course about your relationship. These questions will come in handy later with small surprises throughout your wedding weekend and at the wedding. 
Project Parties
There is a show I love called "The Weekender", where a home renovator comes into people's homes and does 5 projects that dramatically change the look and increase the value of their home. I know, I know, it sounds like every other home renovation show, but something unique that this show offers is for the clients to help with certain aspects of the projects. And in the end, they have the gratitude of not only having a nicer home but the gratitude of seeing their creativity and work come to life.
This is the second secret to my Honey Moon Suite wedding package and how I can ensure that my brides love there wedding planning experience! Just like "The Weekender", I think having a hand in some of the more exciting projects is an important aspect to absolutely LOVE YOUR WEDDING. My brides will give me a list of a few projects they would like to be involved in and from there we will decide where we will do the projects, who will be invited, and I will host the project party by bringing drinks, small bites and setting up all of the project pieces beforehand.
A Surprising Wedding Weekend
Your wedding weekend should be full of excitement, relaxation, and seeing family members you haven't seen in a while, not last-minute detail stressors. I LOVE when it is time to give my Honeymoon bride's their weekend itinerary, full of special surprises and relaxation. All-inclusive with hotel welcome boxes for their guests, a Thursday night welcome party for out of town guests, and so much more! 
Two Days Of Photos
One of the biggest surprises to many on this list will be the suggestion of a photography session the day after the wedding. I know this sounds insane right??? But hear me out for a second. One of the main reasons I see so many tired and beat down brides is because their wedding day schedule is INSANE! They wake up around 7 am to gather their stuff, get their coffee, and begin hair and makeup so they can start photos around 10. Then once photos start, they have no time to eat and are running around in heels trying to find the best location for pictures pretty much up until they have to be hidden for the ceremony so no one sees them. 
Once the ceremony is over, it is back to pictures until it is time for your newlywed. entrance and then it is one reception event after another until it is time to go home. I have seen brides exhausted from the day's events sitting at their table without enough excitement to join their guests on the dance floor. With this solution, brides will enjoy a good night's sleep, brunch with the bridesmaids, and hair & makeup at a reasonable time. All without missing out on those awesome getting ready photos, wedding party photos or family photos. The best part about this is after the ceremony you would be able to actually see your guests and enjoy your party! If you want to talk more about whether you think this is a good option for you, message me here!
Your Final Wedding Surprise
If you haven't guessed it yet, I love surprises and I love giving gifts! My final secret of making your wedding day truly the best day of your life lies in this final gift, but for all of you Honeymoon Brides out there, it will remain a secret.
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