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What you can't do as the wedding planner
     If you've ever had any interest in planning wedding or even just like weddings, odds are, you've watched movies like Jennifer Lopez's The Wedding Planner, and other wedding planning movies. While Jaylo's  take on planning wasn't too far off, with  the exception of her  wearing stilettos everywhere, I have seen and heard a fair share of what people think is acceptable to do at a wedding as the planner.  Here is a list of things you can't do as the wedding planner. 
       Be a guest . This seems like it should be pretty obvious, but I have heard stories and seen movies where the planner is  wanting to get their makeup done or touched up by the bride's makeup artist, sits down at a guest table for dinner, drink a cocktail while coordinating, and sit with the guests to watch the ceremony. 
Something I had to learn and what every planner of weddings, corporate events, and personal parties  needs to know is once you have the title of the planner or staff, you relinquish your title as guest. You are no longer at a party, you are at the office and the people paying you want to see what they are paying you for. 
      Be the decorator. It took me a long time and a lot of my mom asking if I really knew what the coordinator  did before actually coming to terms with the fact that I couldn't coordinate the wedding day and set up all of the cute decorations and flowers. With a past in professional party planning, I was used to the task of purchasing and making decor and floral arrangements for each event and then working all day to transform  a space. I loved the time management and the beat the clock mentality of having to have everything set and done an hour before the event in case the client decided to show up early. 
    It was a bit of a shock when I got hired with Chancey Charm Atlanta as one of their wedding planners  and was told that we aren't contracted to set up any decor but just the basic personal items; like place cards and table numbers. I thought it would ruin my creative joy that I found in planning events but I realized it actually freed me up to be more creative. I can design these marvelous events around what Atlanta's top vendors can do, not just what I can do.
Also, a coordinator is there to do just that, coordinate, not decorate. My job on your wedding day is to make sure every vendor arrives to the right location, on time, sets things up in the correct spot, and to keep everything on schedule. If you were tasked to do this while decorating the ceremony and reception, you wouldn't be able to excel on either and things would slip through the cracks. 
    Be the bride. Lastly, one of the hardest parts for some people when it comes to being a wedding or event planner is that it is not your event, and your good taste or ideas don't always matter. I know this might sound insane, because your the professional they hired for professional help, but in the end, your are still a means to making their dreams come true. Not the person who tells them their dream wedding theme is outdated or pressures them to go over budget for things you think would be a good idea. 
     I hope these tips helped anyone thinking about becoming a wedding planner / coordinator or any brides or grooms out there looking into what they should expect from a planner or coordinator! 
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