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How to be sick at a wedding...
I know, it SUCKS to be sick at work.  So how do you call the Maid of Honor the day of the wedding and say, "Hey, can you tell the bride I'm really sick and won't be able to make it today...?" Trick question, you don't! 
Unless you are literally in the hospital or have Ebola, no good wedding planner is calling "day of" to say they're not coming in. Apologies to all of you future planners thinking I was going to tell you how to ditch ;)  but I will tell you how to make it through without killing yourself. 
When I first moved to Georgia, I was working for an amazing party planning company. We did a lot of parties and A LOT of mitzvahs, which are basically the same amount of work as weddings. Well, there was one month where I had a back to back weekend with a wedding one night, a birthday party the next morning, and then a mitzvah the next weekend!  Which in itself, would have been tiring enough, but on top of this, I was on the brink of a kidney infection the entire time!   
I felt sick the week before the wedding and birthday, so I went to the doctor for antibiotics, but what they gave me actually made me sicker! The weekend came and I was taking pain pills to cover the pain but I was still exhausted and in a LOT of pain.   Here are 5 tips to get through these painful days of making other people's dreams come true!
     1.) Have good help 
There is BIG difference in experienced help and inexperienced help. If you are good to lead and teach come wedding weekend, then by all means, anyone who is driven and ready to help is perfect, but if you are expected to work for 9-12 hours with plugged ears, a stuffy nose, and headache, it will be in your and your bride's favor to have someone who will catch the small things and know how to lead the wedding day.  
     2.)  Allow others to do the heavy lifting
I think many of us fall into the workhorse mentality, which is fine when you're capable. But if you are having to last all night on 30% "battery power", don't start the day out moving tables and chairs that you don't need to move.  
     3.) Be the coordinator
Similar to allowing others to do the heavy lifting, allow your vendors and assistants to do the physical work while you coordinate. Have your assistants place the name cards and  ​set out signs, your job today is to go through the space and ensure everything is in its place and to help people set things correctly.
    4.) Relax during reception
The traditions are over and all that is left is a dance party and send-off, go to the greenroom and switch your assistants off to be on bride and groom duty. You don't need to constantly be seen or checking in with the bride I promise. Let her know everything is on schedule and you and your team will be near if she needs anything. Then pop that next dose of medicine and relax.
   5.) Take your meds!
Like I said before, one of the only things that got me through my sick week of events was pain medicine and antibiotics,. Set yourself up for success and bring a full bag of cough drops, hot tea, essential oils, whatever you need, bring it and use it!  
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