Decorating My Bar Cart For $15 

Halloween Edition

I absolutely love to decorate my house for the Holidays. When I was a kid, my mom would decorate for every Holiday and season. Valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July...and those were different than the spring and summer decorations. 
However, I am not yet one of those bloggers who somehow has all the money in the world to buy Anthropologie's latest and greatest... let alone Target's latest and greatest for that matter. 
Lucky for me, and my husband, I absolutely LOVE to thrift shop! Honestly more than half of my house and wardrobe are made up of thrifted items, including the items on this bar cart! So let's get into it so you can see how you too can decorate your bar cart for $15!
Skeleton Photo: 
The Frame - go to any Goodwill near you or thrift store that has more than just clothes and you will find all kinds of frames for next to nothing. I bought this frame for  $1.25.  
The Printable - I got this skeleton head print free here at Ella Claire & Co. 
She also has a ton of  free printable options  here! Not just for Halloween.
The Graphics Fairy is another well known place to get free printables of all kinds.
The Decanter - There is something about a decanter that makes things feel so much more special.Trust me, put one in your guest bedroom to go with your guests room welcome basket and you will have all of your overnight guests mentioning it.
The good news is, though they are typically expensive, you can literally find them at the Thrift Store for under $4! I got my crystal decanter at my local Goodwill for $3.25.
However, if you're someone who doesn't like the idea of using a dish that someone else has used, here is a great decanter option on Amazon Prime for only $14.89.
The Potion Bottles - The specific bottles on my bar cart are from the $3 section in Target. Though Target is typically a bit overpriced for my liking, their stuff is amazing obviously, and the $3 section has some great options when it comes to Holiday specific items.
But since these jars were from last years collection, I want to encourage you to either go see what the $3 section has this year, or go to your local thrift store and try to find some apothecary bottles! That honestly would probably look even cooler and more original. 
You can even print out your own labels from The Graphics Fairy and add some sprigs of something you find outside to really sell the Halloween vibe! 
The Candles - When I tell you you can find everything at Goodwill, you can legit find ANYTHING at Goodwill, including brand new, unwrapped things such as candlesticks. It is a treasure hunt my friends. 
But to start this off, my word of advice would be to never buy a full priced candle stick base again because you can find a thousand of them at the thrift store and paint them whatever color you want. A lot of them are the basic crystal bases, which you can paint white, black, or even red to go with Christmas! They're so cheap you can have candle stick bases for every Holiday! I bought these candlestick holders for $0.75 each and a pack of 4 ivory candles for $2. 
The Rat & The Rest - To finish the bar cart off, I added a toy rat I bought for my cat from the Dollar Tree, that she was never interested in, a bar book we had and some of our glassware.
Since most people have glassware and books, I didn't include those in the pricing, but you can always find amazing glassware at Goodwill (where I got the rocks glass) and if you haven't heard of the secret of thrifting books, let me be the one to change your life and tell you that almost all books look better without their cover.
Next time you are at the thrift store, look through the book section and see what's underneath those brightly patterned paper covers. 

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