20 Little Details That Will Make Your Wedding Over The Top Glamorous!

1: Bridal Entrance

Many brides focus on the altar and often forget about their grand entrance. But keep your guests excited and build the anticipation by making a grand entrance through closed doors or on a horse, what ever suites your style! Here is a look at one of my favorite grand entrances I was lucky enough to be apart of at the beautiful and historic Swan House in Atlanta.

Photographer: Emma Jane

See the rest of these wedding pictures by clicking on the photographer's name.

Planner: Events of a Lifetime

Venue: Swan House - Atlanta, GA

2:Guest Entrances

Guest are wowed when they are walking up to the venue entrance and are greeted with beauty and thoughtfulness. It sets the tone for what is to come and leaves guest's excited for more. Trim the entrance door with florals and a unique sign that compliments the wedding look. Another tip, which is one of my personal favorites, is to have one or two greeters at the door offering a signature cocktail as guests arrive. Your guests will love your thoughtfulness and class.

3. Carving out your aisle

Don't just leave it to the chairs, carve your aisle out by using a runner or adding flower petals and candles (either fake or in hurricane vases). This adds more purpose to the space and romance.

1. Aisle found on Pinterest 2. Aisle by Preston Bailey 3. Aisle by Taraguerardsoiree

4. Ceremony Chairs

Mixing and matching ceremony chairs is rarely done but is something that is very unique and sophisticated when done correctly. If you don't want to go so far as providing everyone with specialty lounge furniture, you can go ahead and just provide it for the reserved rows in the front.

Via: Martha Stewart Weddings

5. Outdoor Relief

To piggy back off of the comfort factor. Take care of your guests and show them you thought of everything by providing a nice smelling bug spray and blankets if any part of your wedding is outdoors.

Photo via: Isos Photography Purchase sign on Etsy Here Purchase bug spray on Etsy Here

6. Cocktail Tables

There are so many ways to glamorize a cocktail table! Don’t just drape in any linen and call it a day; cinch it with a tie of lush greenery — or give it a nice "zhuzh" at the bottom to really wow guests! Here are a few examples I love!

7. Unique Specialty Cocktails

Today people love to be wowed by hand crafted cocktails that aren't easily replicated. Offer this to your guests by picking His and Her signature cocktails and making them something to talk about. I have a list here of 20 specialty wedding cocktails you won't see at all of your friend's weddings, along with their recipes, to get you started. Here are a few on the list!

Spiked Pear Bourbon Cocktail, Roast&Toast Bourbon & Coffee Cocktail, Plum & Thyme Prosecco Smash

8. Place Cards

Like every wedding professional says, "It's all in the details". So don't just leave a piece of paper on a table for guests to find. Do something special to enhance the decor and make something as ordinary as placards, meaningful.

Photo Via: Krista Mason Photography

9. Chair Décor

Be sure to dress up your sweetheart chairs and maybe even your head table chairs! you can also use lounge furniture for them. You are the guests of honor and it will remind people that this is a grand celebration.

10. Table Top

If you really want to go above and beyond to wow guests with what they haven't seen before, cover your tables with mirrors for a chic and glamorous effect

11. Table Settings

A table setting can consist of much more than dinnerware and linens. Spruce them up with accents that carry on with your wedding personality!

via: Catalina Neal

12. Seated Plated

Do you ever notice how the most glamorous events like the Grammies & the Oscars don't have a buffet? This is because they want their guests to feel like royalty, and the service that is offered is nothing less than service fit for royalty.

13. Pinspotting

Lighting is EVERYTHING, and I love it! If you want your wedding to look luxury, pinspotting will be your best friend. Find some pinspotting inspiration below!

14. Candles

Candles provide a romantic feel no matter where you are, and no matter how cheap they technically are, they provide a very sophisticated and timeless wedding look.

15. Uplighting

Like I said before, lighting is EVERYTHING and I learned very early on that uplighting can make or break a room. You want all eyes drawn to the most jaw dropping glamorous thing in the room, and much like pinspotting, that is what uplighting will do for you. You can also add a soft color to compliment your color pallet.

via: Rent My Wedding

16. Multiple Bars

If you want your guests to feel taken care of and like they are truly at a luxury wedding, be sure you have at least 2 bars with 4 bar tenders if your guest count is over 150. The rule of thumb is that there should be 1 bartender for every 50 wedding guests if it is a full bar and about 1 bar tender per 70 guests if it is you are offering just beer and wine.

via: Bon Appetit & TEC PETAJA

17. An Actual Choreographed First Dance

You don't have to go so far as to break off into a hip hop routine to Missy Elliott, but one of the biggest things I have realized from attending to planning weddings, is that guests are mesmerized when the couple has actually taken the time to learn how to dance and show off their new skills. Below is an awesome example of a classy first dance that doesn't require you to go to dance school.

18. Bathroom Toiletry Trays

Go the extra mile for your guests by providing some breath mints, cologne, and hairspray in the men's and women's bathrooms. Your guests will will feel as if they are at a 5 star resort when they see them!

Get this sign from here!

19. Grande Wedding Cake

If you want your wedding to stand out and be the most glamorous chic wedding around, get yourself your dream wedding cake and put that thing on display. This will also bring guest to pay attention when it comes time to cut that beautiful masterpiece.

See more cake inspiration on my "Top Unique Floral Cakes" & "10 Drip Cakes You Need to Show Your Cake Designer!!!" blog posts.

20. Thoughtful Grand Send Off

End the night with a bang! You have put so much thought into your wedding, now finish it off just as perfect! Some send offs that will forever be timeless and chic are fireworks and a getaway car, a giant paper lantern send off, and a christmas snowfall carriage ride send off (especially if the snowfall is fake).

I want to finish by reiterating that these are the top 20 little details that will make your wedding over the top glamorous, not better. For some people, big and bold isn't their style and having all eyes on them as they do a choreographed dance sounds like a nightmare. I want you to know that no matter what your wedding has or looks like, it will be perfect if it represents you and your fiance's personality. Contact me here if you would like to get started on planning your perfect and stress free wedding.

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