What wedding planners say to NEVER DIY for your wedding!

Today, we are craftier than ever. Which is amazing, in most circumstances, but when the morning of your wedding day comes, would you rather be sipping mimosas in the bridal suite with your girls, or running around the venue trying to pull everything together? Here are seven things even the most Pinterest-savvy bride probably shouldn't try and tackle herself.


Having been in this industry for several years, I have seen it, and I have tried it, boy have I tried it... so in this blog post, I am writing with hopes of bringing awareness, and nudging you in the direction that will lead you to loving your wedding.

When I was engaged, I was a budgeting bride, which is totally fine, and I ordered these gorgeous wedding invitations that were very reasonably priced. However, to save about $60, I made the decision to not purchase the addressed envelopes that matched the invitation and to hand write all of the addresses. I figured that if I was careful enough, I could get a good calligraphy look and wow guests with my craft, but man was I wrong! No matter how careful I was, I just didn't have the skill of calligraphy and felt I had ruined my invitations. Now, having been responsible for countless client's invitations, I see that there are vendors out there who can do envelopes for much cheaper than $60, but still, if given the choice today, I would have paid the extra money.

In addition to this reason not to DIY your invitations, I have also seen times left off, RSVP deadlines left off, and paper quality disasters. Your wedding invitations set the scene for your entire wedding day so be sure and get them professionally designed and printed.

Your Dress

No matter how skilled you are with a needle and thread, you should probably leave your dress to someone else. Piles of stress comes with crafting something that will be in every picture and is the center of attention all night long. If you can't find the perfect dress at a store, consider having a seamstress create a custom design for you or add details to a dress that fits you perfectly! This way you will have you're dream gown without all the nerves.

Wedding Cake

Do you ever watch cake decorating tutorials on Youtube or Instagram and think to yourself, "with a little practice, I can probably do that." ... Well if we're being honest... so have I. But then I will watch a professional baking show and see these experienced baker's cakes crumble into pieces right before the judges eyes, and I realize that maybe it's not easy. Elegant multi-tiered desserts take lots of time to bake and decorate, and only having the day before to create it (if you want a fresh cake) puts a LOT of pressure on you. It's easy to mess up delicate decorations, or to have a cake that leans and falls when you try and cut into it or transport it to the venue. Leave the day before your wedding open for greeting out of town guests, rehearsals and the rehearsal dinner. If you're still intent on saving money, we suggests having a relative you trust make the cake or decorating a plain confection from the grocery store that is sturdy and easy to move! 

>> Photo by: Jessica Lauren

Hair and Makeup

On your wedding day, take advantage of the opportunity to get glammed up by a squad of hair and makeup professionals. Especially if you are wanting a complicated hairstyle or if you aren't too confident with capturing the perfect dewy look for the cameras. Your wedding day is special, but can also be stressful to some, don't add another stress to yourself by trying to accomplish the perfect hair and makeup without help. Sit back with your mimosa and let the team pamper you. Lastly, always do a trial run before the wedding and having someone take photographs of the final result. Be sure you LOVE it!

Check out the Cali Cole Pinterest for more wedding day makeup looks!


We have most likely all been to a wedding or two with an awkward DJ, or a friend who is playing DJ and quickly figuring out that there is a lot more to it than having great taste in music. Being a wedding planner, I have seen the good, the bad, and have also been the DJ! And it is an obvious difference when a couple has got a GOOD DJ! They read over the itinerary and assure the timeline is followed, they take requests and some even get out on the dance floor to lead dances with the guests! Live music is also making a huge come-back and is usually best at exciting crowds and creating a fun atmosphere.


While beer and wine is always an option for the budgeting bride, we highly suggest to not allow guests to serve themselves and we especially don't suggest letting them mixing their own drinks if alcohol is an option. I have attended weddings where the groomsmen were too drunk to make their speeches and people were passed out as the bride and groom made their grande exit. This is a classy event that you only want to remember as the perfect night that your family and friends came together as one. Many times catering companies will have bartenders that you can hire. Be sure to utilize them and don't be the one to worry about how much everyone is drinking.

Anything Large or Time Consuming

Trust me, I know the temptation to do everything yourself when you first start planning your wedding. The thought of saving money, the desire to get crafty and tell everyone at the wedding that you made, like everything, is really tempting at times. It took my own wedding and years of experience in event planning to show me that DIY'ing too much is actually more of a cost than you would ever think! With so many options out there today, you will without a doubt be able to find a rental company or a vendor who can provide the things you want for about as much as it would cost you in time, supplies, and transportation to provide these items for yourself. If a bride wants to create something for her wedding, we suggest that she take on small and manageable projects, like the table numbers, escort cards, place cards, stationery, welcome bags, or signage.

One of the reasons I became a wedding planner was because of my own wedding faults. I had a good budget but wasted most of it on DIY items that I didn't end up really even liking in the end. Having done about a hundred events since, I have realized how much I could have saved if I had hired a wedding planner and let her find well priced vendors and venues that include items like tables and chairs. I was so set on being in charge of my wedding and thought that if I hired a wedding planner, she would make decisions I didn't like or make me spend more money than I wanted. This is why I put my prices on my website because I understand wanting to stay in budget, no matter how big or small it is. As your wedding planner I will give you the wedding you love in a budget you are comfortable with.

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