Everything you need to know to dress up a brewery & save money

With the still rising love for small rustic breweries, these locations have become more and more popular for wedding venues! The prices are usually fair and the specialty beer comes with the purchase, along with plenty of ideas for guest take aways, bridal party proposal gifts, specialized decor, ect... Though, these venues are typically less expensive than other know wedding venues, it may take a little extra love to make them look "wedding day ready". So here are our top 5 tips on how to dress a brewery up for your wedding!

1. Big Statement Pieces and Flowers

Put large statement pieces and flowers all over! On the bar, on the ground by the tables, anywhere you can find! Draw the eye to these gorgeous statement pieces and allow them to compliment the rustic vibe of the brewery.

Via: Visca Wedding

2. Small Accent Pieces

In addition to these large statement pieces, don't forget to fill it in with plenty of small details. Add whispy florals and branches to make things look romantic and delicate, rather than sparse and empty!

3. Get stand alone pieces to break up the space

Brewerys are typically large square buildings with brick or cement walls. This gives you surfaces that are difficult to hang things from and rooms that, if not properly filled, could look very plain and overly spacious. Fix these issues by using stand alone pieces! Ask your decor company to bring metal frames adorned with florals like in the below photos, and use that for your seating chart. Or create a fun photo op. area with a stand alone structure and florals, props, and an L.E.D. sign like below!

4. Use the Quirky Rustic Essence of the Brewery

Odds are, you like the look of the brewery you chose, so embrace and enhance it by using some of it's unique features!

5. Carefully bring in the beer theme

Tie everything together with carefully chosen beer themed pieces. A huge beer theme can come off as a bit much sometimes and you want people to remember your wedding as romantic and classy, not just grabbing a pint at the local sports bar.

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