Why an unhappy bride made me want to become a wedding planner

"Always a bridesmaid and never a bride"... Luckily that didn't end up being completely true since I did eventually get married, but I was in A LOT of weddings growing up.

Having a large family gave me an invitation to many relative weddings and being involved in a large on-campus college ministry had the same effect. By the time I was married, I was set to have been in / attended around 22 weddings, and I got married at 24!

But it wasn't attending all of these weddings that made me want to be a wedding planner; if anything it just made the idea of being a wedding planner a lot less intimidating. Since many of my college friends weren't able to pay for a planner or coordinator, we bridesmaids quickly learned what it takes for a wedding to happen and for a bride to be happy. And though that is helpful now, like I said, it wasn't what made me want to become a wedding planner.

So what did draw me into what Forbes ranked as 5th in The Most Stressful Jobs in 2017? Though it sounds crazy, it all changed for me on a less than romantic, gloomy wedding day.

I was assisting with a wedding and had been with the bride for the last few hours holding her hors d’oeuvres while she took photos with her new husband; sounds exciting right??? But she was miserable!

She hadn't seen her guests yet, she had hardly eaten all day, had spent her entire morning on a strict schedule with hangry bridesmaids and moms, and I'm pretty sure she was developing hypothermia before my eyes.

Unfortunately, this is the schedule for many brides today, which isn't anyone's fault, just a lack of realizing that this is no fun for brides! The moment I realized this, my entire outlook on wedding planning and what weddings have become shifted.

Why are weddings are NOT the same as parties

Who doesn't love living it up with good friends and a bottle of wine? Heck, even the getting ready process is fun when that's the case!

We have put so much pressure on brides and their families today to throw the grandest wedding reception and ceremony and to not miss a moment of picture time, but we have lost the joy and thrill of what the day is all about; celebrating two star crossed lovers who have finally found each other and have vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives.

When I realized this, I decided to make it my goal to offer a service that is just as much for the bride and groom as it is for their guests. I want each of my brides, grooms, and families to honestly have the best days of their lives, and this includes a lot of work on my side. I don't want to be just another wedding planner and coordinator, I want to be a service that offers to plan a weekend that will be the peak point of a great love story.

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Without further adieu, a glimpse into my wedding past...



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